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Get the blueprint to build your empire.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but the strategic plan to build it could have been.

If you want to position your company to take massive leaps in the next 12 months, and your marketing to-do list is eating your soul, it’s time to get in the same (virtual) room with our marketing strategists who will tap into the power of artificial intelligence to help you get months of strategic planning DONE in one day.

Discover why the Get It Done Day is one of the services our clients rave about most.


combined years of

marketing experience


hours invested in

mastering AI technology


successful AI marketing implementations


Tackle the digital divide with a business strategy powered by Artificial intelligence & perfected by human intelligence.


Customer Avatar Creation

Get to know your prospects and customers better than they know themselves so you can drive sales with deeply personalized marketing campaigns.

Customer Journey Mapping:

Refine every touch point along your customer's journey to grow awareness, boost conversions, maximize sales and inspire customer loyalty.

Competitive Analysis

Equip yourself with data-driven competitive intelligence that uncovers new opportunities and helps you avoid hidden pitfalls as you grow.

Metrics and KPIs Overview

Vanity metrics won't grow your bank account. Identify the metrics that really matter and pin point the KPI's you need to hit, ensuring every marketing dollar counts.

Marketing Calendar & Strategy

Eliminate guesswork and maintain a sharp focus with a structured marketing calendar, designed to amplify results and drive consistent growth.

Market Trend Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve by tracking industry shifts and understanding evolving consumer preferences, ensuring your business remains relevant and competitive.

A Future Guided by Data-Driven Decisions

Powerful market trend analyses empower your company to anticipate shifts and position itself at the forefront of its industry - whatever the future holds.

Journey Deeper,

Expand Further

We'll dive deep into your customer avatars and journeys, revealing the strategies that will make the most impact for driving business expansion.

Transformative Collaboration & Maximized Efficiency

Our streamlined approach to strategic planning frees up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on executing your vision and scaling your business faster.


12-Month Growth Plan


Intensive full-day strategy session

Comprehensive Report That Includes:

- Competitor Analysis

- 3 Customer Avatars

- 3 Customer Journeys

- Organic & Paid Social Media Audit

- Website Audit

- Market Trends & Analysis

- 12-Month Marketing Calendar

- Metrics & KPIs

Live review call with a CMO to clarify the insights from the report and translate them into actionable strategies for unparalleled growth.

3-month strategic momentum check-in: In this follow-up session, we will refine and realign strategies, ensuring continuous growth based on the insights gained from the implemented plans.

Flexible Add-Ons: Potential for additional services like website rewrites, funnel maps, and more, tailored to the report's findings.

Your Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution

Specialist Team:

Stephanie Nivinskus

Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist

With over 25 years of experience, bestselling author and respected name in the industry, Stephanie is the go-to expert for strategic marketing plans, brand storytelling, and powerful marketing messages that win hearts and customers.

Stefanie Cosman

Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist

Stefanie weaves narratives that make both readers and algorithms sit up and take notice. With a knack for AI-driven insights, she masterfully blends creativity and data to craft marketing messages that resonate profoundly in a rapidly-evolving digital age.

Leanne King

Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist

Leanne weaves captivating copy that combines the art of dialogue, poetry, and psychology. A problem-solving guru, Leanne crafts functional yet entertaining content for websites, social media, blogs, and more.

What Our Clients Say:

Lydia Wommack

Director of Marketing, Vertical Alliance Group

Lynn Stambouly & Curtis Searles

Owners & CEOs, Illuminated Design


Are Get It Done Days suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely! Whether you're a budding startup or an established enterprise, a Get It Done Day is designed to elevate your marketing game and drive exceptional results.

How can I be sure my Get It Done Day aligns with my unique needs?

Fear not! Our team of experts ensures that your Get It Done Day is tailored to your business objectives, industry, and target audience, making it a perfect fit for your success.

What happens in the strategy call included with a Get It Done Day?

During the strategy call, our expert team reviews the insights and data provided in your custom report. We not only interpret the findings but also guide you on actionable steps to implement the strategic recommendations effectively, setting you on the path to marketing success.

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